Why you should take a cruise this year!

Last year, I took a 5-day cruise to Mexico with my at-the-time “brand new” boyfriend. Some might think that’s crazy, right? To go on an international trip with a new boyfriend but it was actually a really good idea. I had to see if he was a good travel partner because if I’m going to Continue Reading

How I saved $4,000 in 7 months

This is not a sponsored ad I think I was listening to a GabeBabeTV podcast when I heard them talk about how they saved money to go on a trip by using the app, Qapital. So I decided to try it out and downloaded it, signed up, and never looked back! It’s so easy to Continue Reading

Navigate a busy airport like a pro!

People are everywhere, some old lady just bumped you without saying excuse me, and you’re running late to your gate. Not only are you running late but you’re not even sure where your gate is! Airports can be stressful! But don’t worry, I’m here to save the day! *Superman action music plays* I’m going to Continue Reading

Interview with Denille Ashwood

1. *What’s your name? Denille Rene Ashwood  2.  Where do you live and where are you originally from? I live in Jamaica  3.  Which countries have you visited? I’ve travelled to the US and plan to visit a few small Caribbean islands this year.  4. Which one is your favorite so far and why? For Continue Reading

Interview with Adam Coleman

1.What’s your name? Adam Coleman 2. Where do you live and where are you originally from? I currently live in New Jersey. I’ve lived in 4 other states as well, Michigan, Virginia, New York and Tennessee. 3. Which countries have you visited? Jamaica, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Netherlands, France, Spain, Hungary and Portugal. 4. Which one Continue Reading

Save Time and Money on a Weekend Getaway!

Most people think in order to travel, you have to go far away and spend a lot of money. Not true! You can go on a good vacation and not break the bank! How do you ask? I’m glad you asked! Take a weekend getaway! I go on weekend getaways, or staycations as I like Continue Reading

The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done in My Life

The scariest thing I’ve ever done was climb backwards down a cliff to see a tide pool! The Chutes and Ladders hike/climb/repel whatever is a cliff face I had to climb down that was about 40 feet high and the incline was about an 80 percent slope. RIDICULOUS! What was I thinking?? I guess I Continue Reading

Sorry mom, I went to a nude beach!

HAHA! 😀 I bet yall did come to read about me going to a nude beach! lol Well, it really happened! What had happened was… I was tricked! Bamboozled! Hoodwinked! Swindled! Double-crossed! Into seeing things that I can never unsee! So what had really happened was…about 4 years ago when I lived in Hawaii, I was invited on a weekend trip to Maui Continue Reading

My Top 5 Favorite Cities in America!

Miami It was hard to choose between Miami and New Orleans but because I’ve only been to Miami once and there’s so much more I want to do there, I put it first. Miami has everything I want in a city. A beach, city life, nightlife, amazing restaurants, events, nice neighborhoods, art, I could go Continue Reading

A beach with black sand?! No way!

Yes way! It is a real thing! I know, it sounds like a myth right? To have a beach with BLACK sand?! But it’s real and it’s BEAUTIFUL! My mom came to visit me when I lived in Hawaii and I wanted to show her things she’s never seen before or things she couldn’t see anywhere Continue Reading