Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.

Depending on where you go, what kind of lodging you get, and how expensive your taste is…sure… it can be but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to me, I’m going to give you tips on how you can save money but still have a good time!


Booking flights,

  • I love using Google Flights. They shop around on different websites and give you the best deals.
  • Book flights in advance. I like to book my flights at least 2 months in advance because they are cheaper and you’re more likely to get that window seat that you want!
  • Sign up for your favorite airlines’ mileage points. If you don’t have a favorite, sign up for a couple of different airlines mileage points. If you are a frequent flyer you will earn enough for free flights or upgrades!
  • Park at the closest Walmart to the airport then Uber to the airport to save on parking fees.
  • Search other airports close to you to find cheaper deals. Sometimes driving further to another airport could save you hundreds of dollars on airfare. It’s worth it!

Ground transportation,

  • Take an Uber instead of renting a car.
  • Take the subway or the city bus if you are in a big city! From my experience, it’s only a couple of dollars and you could probably get an all-day pass for less than $10!!
  • The Megabus is also a great option if you live in a major city. Click here to see if they drive in your city! Trips are usually around $20 (or less).



  • I like to book AirBnB’s because I just need somewhere to lay my head. AirBnB’s are like renting someone’s home. I know, I know, it may sound weird but it’s actually very nice. They are usually way cheaper and I think cleaner because the host only has to clean up after you, not 300 other guests and it’s more private. I spend very little time in hotel rooms when I vacation so I don’t need anything super fancy but I do need modern and clean (& free wifi lol).
  • If you want to book a traditional hotel, try, they have free cancellation and allow you to pay when you get there.
  • Stay at a hostel.
  • Try those timeshare briefings. Listen to them for 1-2 hours then they give you free stays at hotels, hoping you will buy into their timeshare.
  • My biggest lodging tip: Travel somewhere where you know someone who lives there. Hopefully, they will allow you to stay with them and that’s free lodging!!



  • When it comes to food, maybe just have one big meal a day. Have a big, fulfilling breakfast then pack some snacks throughout the day and have a decent dinner or vice versa.
  • Ask locals for good local spots to try, they usually aren’t expensive.
  • Use Groupon!



  • Research what you want to do prior to going. Sometimes, if you buy tickets online, you can get a discount.
  • Again..check Groupon. They often have great sales!
  • A lot of big cities have free walking tours.
  • When out of the country, sign up for a tour. Especially if you are solo traveling. It’s a great way to see the country with a tour guide and meet new people.


You still have questions? Ask below!!

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